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Resources for women farmers 

Stay connected with the latest resources, learning modules and digital tools to support your agricultural journey



AGREA Social Programs is designed to provide a
human-centered approach to technical and life skills programs.

Find information on farm schools, courses, events and reach out for consultancy services in the Philippines.




Impact Investment Exchange (IIX) supports Indonesian enterprises that are helping to solve social and environmental development challenges, and contributing to economic growth. Help them understand your financing needs, and stand the chance to access support through the INVEST program.  

Grow Asia

Grow Asia


Grow Asia Exchange is a
one-stop-shop for information on sustainable agriculture development in Southeast Asia. Access information about specific crops, latest developments in agriculture, inclusive approaches to farming and connect with your local agricultural community. 


She Investments

Incubator / Accelerator Programs

SHE Investments supports women in Cambodia with micro, small and growing businesses to scale, creating social and economic impact for communities. Participants have both rural and urban based micro and informal enterprises, across all sectors. 

United Nations

Women Enterprise Recovery Fund promotes and upscales digital solutions for enhancing women enterprise growth and resilience. They partner with private sector innovators to design and launch digital solutions that support women enterprises economically impacted by COVID-19 and address their financial and other business requirements. 



Stay up to date on the social business accelerator for
early-stage women entrepreneurs in India.


Training opportunities

Discover programmes, partnership opportunities and access to financial support.

Learning Modules

Learning modules

Stay up to date on the latest trends in agriculture, and upskill yourself on basic business development skills by taking some of these free courses we have identified online.

Youth Entrepreneurship in Agriculture and Changing Food Systems 2021

Provided by Wageningen University & Research

Transformation of the Global Food System

Provided by Coursera

FAO elearning Academy

Provided by FAO

Business Development and Leadership
Business Development and Leadership 

Family Farming Knowledge Platform

Provided by FAO

Business Development and Leadership 

E-learning for agriculture and fisheries

Provided by the Agricultural Training Institute

Business Development and Leadership 

Provided by Coursera

Business Development and Leadership 

Provided by Coursera

Business Development and Leadership 

The Economics of Agro-Food Value Chains

Provided by Coursera


Access the latest digital tools to support your growth


Keep up-to-date with cropping, record-keeping, weather conditions.

Download links:



Growers Edge

Gain market commentary, farming news, weather information and commodity quotes, among other functions.

Download links:

iOS and Android


Pocket Rain Gauge

Keen to find out how much it has rained over the last 24-hours? Pocket Rain Gauge delivers accurate rainfall measurements based on your location.

Download links:

iOS and Android

Digital Tools
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