Female farmers comprise 43% of the developing world’s agricultural labour force. Despite this, the yield gap between men and women averages 20-30%. In addition, women only receive 5% of all agricultural extension services worldwide.


Our diverse team of partners across the region recognize that this is a result of womens’ lower access to land ownership, financial credit and training services.


Founding Partners

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If you have questions about the website – how our partners are helping, or how you can contribute – find out more in our Q&A below.

Frequently asked questions

2. Is your website only for women? What if I’m a male and I’d like to learn more? welcomes users of all genders. However, please note that some learning modules and events may be relevant to women only. Please send us an email at if you require any assistance.

1. How does GrowHer help women smallholder farmers?

Our site aims to address the gender gap for women in agriculture by providing them with practical resources and information on agriculture and business, as well as inspiring stories of other women farmers.

3. How do I submit a story?

To submit a story, we’ll need details of the person the story is about (if it’s about you, no problem!), more information about the business (number of employees, reach/location covered), pictures and the actual story. You can submit stories easily here.

4. How do I know my story is good enough?

We welcome all stories about success and women empowerment, and we’re sure that yours will be a good one to tell too. Here are some guiding questions if you need more help: – What is your/the woman’s livelihood? – What do you/they do, and how long have you/they been in the business? What led you/them to enter farming? – Please describe your/their personal situation – e.g. family to support? Live alone? Come from a family of farmers or entered the industry independently? – Please describe your/their level of education and access to training – e.g. any professional qualifications or training? Farm school? – What challenges have you/they faced in your/their career in farming as a woman? How have they been overcome? – What is the one message you/they would give to help other women in agriculture?

5. Do I need to pay a membership fee for

No – our website is free to use for all.

6. How do I sign up for a course?

For now, the courses provided on the site are from third-party platforms (such as Coursera). On the websites, you will be prompted to create an account to sign up and to track your progress directly.

7. Can I request for more learning modules?

Absolutely. Please email us at for module requests. We’ll try our best to get them on the site.

Require more information?

Email us at for further information.

1. FAO