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Meet the youths of agriculture in Australia

While agriculture is the cornerstone to Australian prosperity and identity, it has also been subject to fear around social and economic crises undermining the ability of farmers to maintain growth to care for, and feed, rural communities, environments, and subsequently, the nation.

Picture You in Agriculture is a Not-for-Profit Organization. Its vision is to design and deliver community events that celebrate the diversity, sustainability, creativity and progress of the people, places and produce behind the industries that feed and clothe us, and will power us in the future.

Working with Corteva Agriscience Australia, Picture You in Agriculture developed the Growing Young Leaders Program – where graduates would become Young Farming Champions – a national network of globally connected young thought-leaders, thriving in business and in life, who are continuously inspiring community pride in Australian agriculture.

Hear from some of the 2020 Growing Young Leaders Scholarship recipients:

Emily May, Agronomist in training and urban agriculture advocate
Emily May

Emily May, Agronomist in training and urban agriculture advocate “[The] desire to be part of something bigger was driven by witnessing the ever-changing dynamic of the agricultural scene around the Hawkesbury. I saw opportunities for farmers to embrace new technology and farming inspired me to study a Bachelor of Agriculture at UNE. Supporting farmers and growers to adjust and uptake best management practices, reducing reliance on chemicals, increasing their resilience and confidence to navigate the complex world around them, including participating in informed and influential conversations about land uses has become a key driver in my involvement in agriculture. Today, I take a proactive role as a voice for the industry. I work to bring the community along with me on the journey to advocate for peri-urban agriculture. I volunteer with the Hawkesbury Harvest. Their support opened a door for me to a regular guest spot with ABC Sydney radio. It’s been a great outlet for me to share good news stories and opportunities for people looking to get involved with their local producers in and around Sydney.”

Alice Burwell, a Veterinarian fighting for gender equity
Alice Burwell

Alice Burwell, a Veterinarian fighting for gender equity

I love helping producers turn calves into productive, healthy cows – they’re the building blocks for a producer’s successful business. Regardless of the species, it is the full circle of producing profitable, healthy animals in a sustainable and welfare-conscious manner that excites me.

Beyond that, we have many opportunities to demonstrate our industry is gender inclusive and ensure veterinarians are valued for the diverse skills and knowledge they bring to the farm team.

Elizabeth Argue, a young woman with a lifetime of interest in agriculture
Elizabeth Argue

Elizabeth Argue, a young woman with a lifetime of interest in agriculture My ten-year old self romanticised the idea of mustering cattle on horseback. I’ve since come to realise that there is so much more to agriculture than this. Although there will always be a need for stockmen and women to muster cattle, modern agriculture calls for a range of individuals with increasingly diverse skillsets. It is my passion for people that drives my vision for the future. I want a career where I can open young peoples’ eyes to the diversity of rewarding careers in the industry I love. I want to ignite a spark in women from all backgrounds to find their calling in agriculture. There are so many opportunities out there, and I would love to be the one opening the door to these opportunities for others.

Veronika Vicic, bringing together producers and consumers to increase understanding
Veronika Vicic

Veronika Vicic, bringing together producers and consumers to increase understanding Working in Australian agriculture has given me the confidence to maintain some of the world’s highest farming standards. It has shown me it’s imperative to communicate the efforts behind Australian producer’s work ethic and our commitment to the quality of products that consumers receive. It’s also important to show how the industry maintains this standard by continually shaping business models to suit evolving consumer demands. We need to communicate to our consumer audience in a way that everyone can understand and engage with.

As a city kid exposed to the world of agriculture at university, I am passionate about sharing my story and encouraging other young people to follow my journey to a rewarding career. Through my research I want to support farmers to make the best decisions for their animals and their business. I also want to help them share their stories to encourage others to effectively navigate the complex and nuanced modern supply chain landscape.

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